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New Repository

Update: Feb. 2012

After some time, development on FoamBlade has started again.
For this purpose, a new repository was created to host further
development of the FoamBladeSuite.

The repository is located at
Further versions of FoamBlade will focus on CAM features like
cut-path processing and generation.

It is also planned that traditional CNC tasks can be done with
LinuxCNC. To support this FoamBlade will also contain configurations
and adoptions for LinuxCNC.

Try it:
git clone git:// foambladesuite

FoamBlade v0.04 (before 2012)

The Project page at sourceforge

The FoamBlade Howto
Note: This one is a bit outdated, since we can parse cut-Pathes from DXF-Files now.

The DXF2Quad How-To
Generate and edit Pathes with 2D-CAD Programs that can generate DXF-Files.

A brief guide in how to get everthying working under an special realtime Ubuntu

Root of all model airplanes

Since I'm very busy at the Moment, I post just a few pictures that show what we have done already.

Björns self-built fantastic hotwire cutter (many thanks!):
Hotwire Cutter

A complete cut zagi:
A complete Zagi

FoamBlade gui with viewer that views an extra body.
FoamBlade Gui

The airfoil for the extra with experimental rudder cuts.

Front part of the extra with the ViView.
The ViViewer

The almost complete extra body, cut from EPP.
EPP Extra

The Extra with all parts cut from EPP and other fiber reinforced plastic parts. EPP Extra

Extra ready

More to come....

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