FoamBlade on realtime Ubuntu

This Document should give a brief introduction in how to get the FoamBlade-Framework work on a realtime Ubuntu. Copyright 2007-2008 Michael Abel (also responsible for this bunch of wrong English here).

First, take an old x86 Computer (I use for example an 300 Mhz PII) give it at least 128 MB of RAM and a Harddisk not smaller than approx 3GB.

To obtain a Cut system with minimal effort it's a good idea to use an realtime system that somebody else set up. Happily the guy's that are working on the EMC (Enhanced Machine Controller) system did this for us.

Note: You don't need a realtime System to use FoamBlade for editing and viewing cut-Pathes. Realtime is only needed during.

Description for FoamBlade 0.04

Install Ubuntu:

Install the "emc2 Ubuntu LiveCD" from on your cut-Computer.

(If your system hangs after starting the X system try the " installation in safe graphics mode" )

Install Packages

You may skip this step because FoamBlade should work with the default configuration. I like to use rxvt so I reccomend to install the rxvt-unicode Package (A detailed description is below).

To have full support for interpolation in the FoamBlade-Interactive Mode install also:

...and all packages that are installed automatically

Install FoamBlade:

Download the FoamBlade-0.04 Package from and unpack it to a place of your choice. For example into your home directory or your Desktop.

Also execute this commands in a shell:
$ sudo ln -s /usr/realtime-2.6.15-magma/lib/ /lib/
$ sudo ln -s /usr/realtime-2.6.15-magma/ /usr/realtime

Run FoamBlade and Hotwire:

There is a script named "" in the base-directory. It should be executeable with the File-Browser. Do a right-click, choose "Open" and then choose "Run in Terminal" in the upcomming Dialog.

If this doesn't work for you, try this instead:
Open a Terminal, login as root, switch to the FoamBlade directory and execute the file "" directly.

$ sudo su
# cd ~/FoamBlade-X.XX/FoamBlade

Much fun with it...

Compile Hotwire

This may only be neccessary if you run into Problems with Hotwire.
Install Packages:
After installation do the following in a terminal shell window:

$ sudo su
# synaptic

Add "binary" and "source" repositories from "Ubuntu 6.06 LTS" (universe) in synaptic.

Press The "Reload" Button, then "Mark All Upgrades" and then "Apply" all changes. Select and install the following packages with Synaptic:

...and all packages that are installed automatically

To recompile Hotwire do:
(I hope it shouldn't be necessary)
(Recompile Hotwire, if it doesn't work in an later step)
$ cd HotWire
$ make clean
$ sh
$ ./configure
$ make

In case of bugs or questions feel free to post/mail to:

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