FoamBlade Command Reference-FoamBlade 0.03

This Document contains useful commands for the FoamBlade interactive session. Only QuadColumns (Quads) and DoubleColumns (Doubles) are covered.

Note that PathContainer commands fit for Quads as well as for Doubles. That means that you can call for example X.writeToFile('filename') where X can be a Quad or a Double.

class PathContainer

contains Standard methods for it's subclasses

Containter Constructor
This means for you: Quad(arg) or Double(arg) create a new container by reading for example from a filename, a list or another PathContainer.

Eats filenames, ContentLists,other PathContainers, 'edit' and 'empty'


calls an external editor (gedit) if no other argument is given
Uses an external editor to edit thefile represetatation of the path.
If you want you can give the editor to use as argument, maybe 'kwrite'.

getContentList( )
Return the underlying content List of the container

getFilename( )
prints and returns the Filename the Path was read from


getListSize( )

isave( )
uses the filename that was given tothe interactive session, to save it back

printContent( )
print information and the contentList


reverse( )
reverse the complete Path

save( )
uses the filename the path was readfrom, to save it back


Double =classDoubleColumn(PathContainer)

A List with two values -> twocolumns
Fits to most standard foils.
Alias name is Double

clean( )
clean up
remove two following lines that are the same

composeQuad(double, points=1000)
tries to compose Quad from two different shaped Doubles

call q=d1.composeQuad(d2)
Does a spline Interpolation to create two doubles with
the same point amount and merges them together to a quad.
The quad is returned.
A known problem is that both sides don't synchronize well,
when the Doubles differ much in their spape. The Doubles are
equalized over their length and then put together. A possible
Trick is: scale one Double in one direction, merge the quad
and scale the direction of the side you scaled before back to
the correct size.

convertToQuad( )
returns a QuadColumn
The Quad has the Double on both sides. convertToQuadColumn =convertToQuad( )

getLength( )
returns Length of the path in mm

merges two doubles with the same length and returns a QuadColumn call q=d1.composeQuad(d2)

plView( )
call the pyton lab viewer

scale(xs, ys)
Scale the Double with xs and ys in x and y direction.

splineInt(amount=1000, smooth=0,degree=3)
returns a new approximated double
the point density is equalized

view( )
uses the built in viewer to open the quad

Quad = classQuadColumn(PathContainer)

A List with four values -> four columns
Represents a synchronized cut Path.
Alias name is Quad

Python Visual Viewer
be warned due to an unkown problem ViView exits the comlete session after closing.

addOffset(x, y, u, v) Shift: Add an constant offset

use a machine that has more width than the block you want to cut test it (theoreticaly it works:)
Unimplemented: Speed adjustion: the cut speed at the block ends will be slower than the choosen speed.

clean( )
clean up
remove two following lines that are the same

convertToDoubles( )
returns two doubles call: d1,d2=q.convertToDoubles()

returns an interpolated StepList in machine resolution

displace(dxy, duv)
displace path : Burn away correction returns the new quad
test version!!!
Better Algorithm needed.
-makes problems at small diameters that should be shifted to inside
-begins to displace in the direction that is at the top if a positive displacement is choosed

getDimension( )
returns the object sizes in mm

getLength( )
return Length of both pathes

interpolateLinear( )
test it/fix it
do not use directly

mirrorUnits( )
mirror units
flip xy and uv

mirror_xu(x, u)
mirror vertical at x and u mirror_xu(0,0) : mirror vertically at zero

mirror_yv(y, v)
mirror horizontal planes at y and v
mirror_yv(0,0) : mirror horizontally at zero

plView( )
use pyton lab viewer to open the quad

repeatQuad(n, x, y, u, v)
repeats the quad n times by adding the offset xyuv every time
the new quad is returned

rotate(xorgin, yorgin, uorgin,vorgin, xyangle, uvangle)
rotate around the given orgins

scale(xs, ys, us, vs)
Scale the Double with in x,y,u and v direction.

setOffset(x, y, u, v)
shifts the begin of the quad to offset

shifts the begin of the quad to zero,
it can also shift only one side
side= [ none | 'xy' | 'uv'| 'xyuv' ]

splineInt(amount=1000, smooth=0,degree=3)
returns a new interpolated Quad with equalized
point density using "amount=..." points
to use it a linear interpolation provide degree=1 as parameter

split( )
split into returned quads
not implemented

view( ) uses the built in viewer to open the quad

Other Functions

You don't need a path Container to call this funcions, although these might return a Path Container

notches(width, depth, num)
creates num notches that are width away from each other and with depth of depth. returns Path as Quad

(random) Examples

There are also other Examples in the UsageHowto.

This example session cancels 5% from the rear part of a foil and scales it back to the original size. Then it is scaled and pepared for cutting.

*  starting interactive Foamblade session  *
# 95% Trick

>>> e=Quad('../Extra/foils/s8035mod10.quad')
read data file with 160 enteries
>>> ee=e.splineApprox()	##ee has now 1000 enteries

>>> s=Quad ( ee.getContentList()[25:975] )	#this is python Magic to throw the first and last 25 lines away.
>>> s.getDimension() object size: 94.9384400465, 9.99987507397, 94.9384400465, 9.99987507397 overall both sides: 94.9384400465, 9.99987507397 >>> a=100/94.9384400465 >>> s.scale(a,a,a,a) >>> s.getDimension() object size: 100.0, 10.5330096735, 100.0, 10.5330096735 overall both sides: 100.0, 10.5330096735 >>> s.mirror_xu(50,50) >>> s.scale(2.1,2.1,1.05,1.05) >>> s.getDimension() object size: 210.0, 22.1193203143, 105.0, 11.0596601572 overall both sides: 209.994736025, 22.1193203143 >>> s.addOffset(0,0,80,0) >>> s.view() >>> s.getDimension() object size: 210.0, 22.1193203143, 265.0, 11.0596601572 overall both sides: 210.0, 22.1193203143 >>> t=s.displace(-1,-1) >>> t.getDimension() object size: 211.062809752, 24.119319957, 265.916130295, 13.0596597999 overall both sides: 211.062809752, 24.119319957 >>> t.writeToFile('../Extra/foils/s8035mod10-0.95-extra-pre.quad') >>> w=Quad('../Extra/foils/s8035mod10-0.95-extra-wing.quad') >>> w.view()